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Richard is also the instigator and leader of Emigrate: he founded it to canalize his extra creativity.Before being part of Rammstein (since 1994) and Emigrate (since 2006), Richard was guitarist for Orgasm Death Gimmicks.He defines himself as a and tends to suppress the creativity of others.Besides being the guitarist of Emigrate, Richard wrote the lyrics (with his ex-wife Caron Bernstein for the first album), sings and co-produces songs, overseen by Jacob Hellner.Rammstein’s live show requires about twenty 18-wheelers, packed with pyrotechnics, flame-throwers, bazookas and enough armaments to level a small country. First and foremost, I think what’s on everyone’s mind is, why did it take so long for you to return to the states?Out of so many things why, we did like a two-year break after our .

A few years ago I suggested that we should do something big.Since we were bigger everywhere else but in America, we just didn’t think America would make sense to go to.We knew we had a lot of fans here, we just couldn’t figure out how to bring a big show to the states. Of all of the cities, why did you pick New York City?After having recorded the first album of Emigrate in Denmark, Henka left the band, replaced by Mikko Sirén, because it was difficult for Henka to be in Emigrate for geographical reasons.

One week before Rammstein were heading to Chile to kick off a tour of six South American cities and one U. date at Madison Square Garden, guitarist Richard Kruspe called me from his hotel room in New York City.I especially remember the part of the show where the keyboardist was posed doggie style on stage and singer Till Lindemann enacted as though he was “giving it” to the him from behind, with a long hose that came out of his pants and shot, what looks like something liquid, into the keyboardists’ backside. This time around, Rammstein decided to only play a small handful of dates, but something tells me they’ll be back for more soon enough. show by the Berlin-based six-piece band, who has not performed in America since 2001.