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24-May-2018 19:21

We’ve seen Crane and Betsy Ross (Nikki Reed) give in to temptation as they spy for America.

And we’ve watched Crane try to learn how to date in the 21st century with Zoe Corinth (Maya Kazan).

She was clearly attracted to Morales and Reynolds at some point, but other than professional proximity, there’s no real exploration of her attraction to these men.

Whether or not the showrunners give the Ichabbie shippers what they want, it’s time for Abbie to get some.

“I started looking for books about young women dealing with MS, and there was nothing out there,” Martin recalled.

She has subjected herself to Purgatory so Crane could be with his wife; jumped through some kind of supernatural portal to end up in a mythical cave in order to save her sister and mankind; confronted literal ghosts of her pasts in order to quell monsters.

How many more sacrifices does she need to make before the show allows her to give and receive affectionate love? There have been references to Abbie’s off-screen relationships, which occurred before Crane arrived in her life so the two could unite as Witnesses meant to save the world from a biblical apocalypse.

Luckily, the show veered away from a story line that would pit the two sisters against each other over a man.

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Earlier reports that Fleury had been asleep in the backseat of the car when James sexually abused Kennedy in the front during that trip were true, Fleury writes. The three stayed in motels throughout the trip, he says, and the boys would have to take turns sleeping with James. “When he dropped me off at my parents’ place after that trip, that was it. I was out, home free.” Fleury says he kept the abuse a secret at the time because he was sure it would end his hockey career. I would have been stigmatized forever as the kid who was molested by his coach. “Would minor hockey have said, ‘Wow, we better watch out for Theoren and protect him because he told the truth’? It would have been James was a pervert and Fleury ‘let him’ molest him.… continue reading »

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