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Announcing that its keyboard app contains over 200 small emojis Deseta Design says that the current collection is available for download on the App Store (Android version coming soon).

Deseta emojis include icons of injera, buna, jebena and goursha.

“He’s smart, passionate, hardworking, and most importantly deeply committed to helping people.

It’s been a great joy having him by my side over the past four years, and I’ve enjoyed watching him ‎grow into the talented leader that he is today.

Tadias Magazine By Tadias Staff August 25th, 2017 New York (TADIAS) — For your next text message you may now include Deseta Emojis to express yourself with Ethiopian humor.

The digital icons often used to communicate ideas and emotions comes courtesy of Deseta Design.

“When he won the Senate seat I followed him more closely and realized that his values were very much aligned with my own, and that from a vision and policy perspective he stood for things that I was passionate about.” For Yohannes, there are many highlights from his job organizing 14 precincts in Iowa for the President’s first campaign.

“There were many memorable parts of working on the campaign, and it was especially interesting to be there early on in Iowa. None of us went to Iowa because we wanted to work in the White House one day – that wouldn’t have been a smart bet at the time.

“At the time I was in college, and I was captivated by his 2004 convention speech,” Yohannes remembers.

“I am always excited about the most recent human innovations in science and technology that impact our lives,” Solomon said in a recent interview with Tadias Magazine, noting that it was one of his buddies who suggested that he become a TV personality so he can free them from his constant obsession.

“It was a jokester friend of mine who inspired me to do it,” Solomon recalled with laughter. That was in 2012.” Fast forward five years later and Solomon — who works full time as a Senior Technology Consultant for Deloitte — has so far taped over 130 episodes of his show featuring fascinating guests including NASA scientist Dr.

Solomon said his only requirement for the show was that the DC-based program conducted interviews in Amharic so as to avoid “any language barrier” for his target audience especially in Ethiopia.

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“We know that even in this age of the Internet there is a huge information gap that exists in Ethiopia,” Solomon said.

In addition, Solomon announced that he is putting the final touches on an upcoming new book aptly titled , which he says is “the first Amharic publication of its kind both in content and detail. Since 2009, he has worked diligently inside the White House, only steps away from the Oval Office, helping to shape the Obama legacy while serving as Chief of Staff to Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama.