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12-Oct-2017 05:53

If you haven’t decided if you’re better off dating another Greek, or a GDI, here’s a pro-con-pro list that may help you figure it out. Only a fellow member of the Greek community understands that on a very specific day at a very specific time, you cease to exist. And one does not simply “skip Chapter” so don’t even ask. They have to table when you’re free for lunch, or you have ritual the evening they’re available for a movie night. But the amount of them you find attractive lessens that number.

Free time is like water in the desert for us Greeks and finding the the time for “us” along with classes, homework, chapter, and intramurals can become pretty impossible. It’s inevitable that your non-Greek boyfriend or girlfriend will get tired of hearing about the First World Problems of being in your organization. And the number of them you deem dateable are even fewer.

We have recently held speed dating events for Greek singles in Manhattan and Astoria, Queens.

Please check out our SCHEDULE of upcoming events to register for our next Greek speed dating party.

If there are no upcoming Greek speed dating events, EMAIL US to request one.

It's simply not proper Greek social etiquette to show up at someone's house or event without something to offer the host(s).What is more, locals here are a perfect choice both for a fun adventure and serious relationships.