Egg carton code dating

09-Jan-2018 01:12

In other words, the FDA does not require that egg producers mark their cartons with a “best by” date- it is up to the manufacturers to decide whether to do so.

And according to Fresh Eggs Daily, that optional “best by” date is not telling of how old the eggs may be.

Cartons and trays with an overwrap must declare the name and address of [17(2)(a)(b), The durable life date is required on the label of prepackaged shell eggs.

For example, if the label contains the number 359, then the eggs were packaged on December 25.

This means that if a shopper picked up a carton of eggs containing the Julian Date of 359 on January 20, those eggs would be at least twenty-seven days old.

Another voluntary label includes a number (1 through 365), marking which day of the year the eggs were placed in their carton.

That being said, as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln reports, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) clarifies that "you can still store fresh shell eggs in their cartons in the refrigerator for four to five weeks beyond this date."Here's how to accurately read all the codes on your carton of eggs to understand when they were packaged, how long they'll last, and what "Grade A" Because temperature is one of the prime factors that control the growth of bacteria in food, both the FDA and USDA have issued regulations for the safe handling, transport, and storage of eggs.Provincial regulations may also apply to products sold within that province.