Ed westwick and jessica szohr dating again photo image dating breakup

19-Feb-2018 11:39

So it’s, you know, tough on him.”Westwick’s BBC show has been put on hold in the wake of the allegations.

Westwick and Szohr dated from 2008 to 2010.“I don’t know those girls at all, and they could be lovely and awesome and all that. No.”For more on the allegations against Westwick, watch the clip below.

In a new interview with , Szohr, 32, addressed the controversial topic of the allegations against her ex.“I have known Ed for years and know how lovely he is, and don’t think he would ever put someone in a position like that,” Szohr began, noting that the topic was “tricky” and that she didn’t want her words to be “twisted.”Adding that she doesn’t want to speak for Westwick or his accusers, Szohr added, “It’s just, it’s a touchy, tough thing that you pray it’s not true and that with, outside of even him, all these different topics coming up, I’m glad that there’s notice being put on it for women that are going through it.

But I also think it’s a touchy, crazy thing too, because some people are going into these different situations and they’re not coming out true.

The 30-year-old actor and the 26-year-old model looked like they were having fun with each other while holding hands after a romantic dinner date at Catch on Monday night (September 18) in West Hollywood, Calif.

So it's like, well, why are people making it up, because that takes away from the girls that are going through it.

And then it's also hard to go back and try to get evidence from things that were so long ago," she said.

With an on and off relationship, it'd be awfully nice for Ed Westwick to remain on with Jessica Szohr.

And we have a feeling that might be the road they're headed down after being spotted grocery shopping together at a Whole Foods in West Hollywood over the weekend.Have a look: Apart from that, she has been in a relationship with Daniel Grunwald, Ricky Whittle, Luke Pasqualino, Aaron Rodgers, Ed Westwick and Marco Minuto.